One Stop Self Storage - Self Storage Facility Jackson, Michigan

One Stop Self Storage - Self Storage Facility Jackson, Michigan

Self Storage Facility

One Stop Self Storage offers secure, affordable storage. We can help you with your storage needs, whether you're moving, cleaning up your home, downsizing, or simply need a place to store your inventory. We monitor each unit to ensure maximum security.

We are committed to providing the best customer service. Our professional team is here to help you choose the right storage unit. Numerous 5-star reviews attest to our commitment to exceptional customer service. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who use One Stop Self Storage for their storage needs when they're on the go.

One Stop Self Storage is here to help you reach your goals in terms of space! Imagine us as personal space wizards. We can create magical spaces to house all of your belongings, from colorful paintbrushes to inflatable soccer balls. Not only are our spacious and light-filled bedrooms a great place to sleep, but they're also a wonderful dream. Here, you can find the perfect place for everything. You won't have to cram valuables into small spaces. One Stop Self Storage offers a spacious, friendly and safe environment for your customers to enjoy.

One Stop Self Storage is dedicated to making your life more than just a place for you to store your stuff. We understand that the toys, keepsakes, and musical instruments you have are more than just items you own. They are part of your identity. If you are a businessperson with a large amount of goods to store, a craftsman or artist who makes many arts and craft items, or a family with a large collection of sports equipment, we have the perfect space palace for you. Imagine having a place to store your things that is so perfect and comfortable that it feels like it was made just for you. One Stop Self Storage will always be friendly and help you maintain a tidy home.

One Stop Self Storage Jackson Assets

Self Storage

Jackson County, Michigan


Self Storage Facility in Jackson, Michigan

Self-storage is available in Jacskon, and it's convenient and safe. One Stop Self Storage is the solution. Self-storage in Jackson can be affordable to provide you with the space you need and peace of mind.

One Stop Self Storage knows how important it is to store your possessions in a safe and convenient manner. Modern security measures are used to protect your belongings. Self-storage in Jackson offers the best solution for those who are moving or rearranging their home and need to store their belongings.

Select the unit size that best suits your needs. We offer a range of units, from large ones for furniture and equipment to smaller ones that are perfect for personal items. Our friendly staff is ready to help you choose the best storage solution.

One Stop Self Storage provides the following benefits.

  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring
  • Temperature-controlled flats
  • Flexible terms can help renters adapt
  • Online payment is simple.
  • Access to your belongings is easy

Business Storage

One Stop Self Storage takes great care of your assets. Greetings! Imagine a place where every item, whether it's a product or equipment, documents, or other items have their own dedicated space. Our dynamic facility is more than just a storage space; it's a playground to help you expand your business in the future. Why should the office be stale, stuffy and stuffy? One Stop Self Storage can give your business the home it needs.

One Stop Self Storage provides a wide range of services that will help you grow your business. Each business has unique standards and needs. We can provide the perfect space for any type of business, whether you are a startup company with many creative ideas or an established firm with a track record. Imagine having a storage space that's so ideal, you could use it as a second office for your business. One Stop Self Storage is here to support your business and give you high-fives.

One Stop Self Storage - Self Storage Facility Jackson, Michigan

Climate Controlled Storage

Be prepared to be surprised by the fact that your items will be stored in One Stop Self Storage’s climate-controlled facility. It is the most comfortable and coolest location possible. Imagine being able to store your most valuable items like photos or sweaters no matter how cold the weather outside. Your possessions are treated as if they were our own when you choose the enchanted solution. These are not just items to be stored. Say goodbye to worrying about the scorching hot or freezing cold. You can be sure that your stuff is in a lovely little home away from home with One Stop Self Storage. The temperature will remain stable.

One Stop Self Storage knows that some items are too precious to leave exposed to the elements. The climate-controlled storage we offer protects your valuables from adverse weather conditions. The blanket-like effect keeps them warm. In a climate-controlled space, we can store important documents, furniture made of hardwood or rare records. Imagine your possessions relaxing and feeling comfortable in a climate-controlled environment, as they would on vacation. One Stop Self Storage offers a climate-controlled environment for all your storage needs.

Record Storage

One Stop Self Storage will treat your important documents as if they were royalty, because that is what they are. Greetings! Imagine a castle without dragons and moats, but with special rooms to store your important documents, records, and other information. Not only do we store your records, but our facility also protects and maintains the most important aspects of your business. Why should your office be a game of hide-and-seek where valuable documents are lost? One Stop Self Storage provides a neatly-arranged, safe space for all your valuables.

One Stop Self Storage knows that records are more than documents. Your records are a reflection of your personality and experiences. Our record storage facility is designed to be a safe and secure place for you to store your documents, allowing them remain as original and crisp as possible. Our record storage facility is the perfect place for sensitive information, groundbreaking agreements, lofty goals, and more. Imagine a well-organized, safe storage space that contains all of the items you need for your business. One Stop Self Storage will organize and store your business's important documents.

Size Guide

5' x 5'
Our 5x5 size is a fantastic and affordable method to make extra room in your house. This unit is about the size of a typical closet, spanning about 25 square feet. This kind of container is ideal for hiding gifts from that particular someone, taking back your bedroom closet, and creating more space in the garage for work.

  • Different Boxes
  • Set of Washer and Dryer
  • Clothing appropriate for the season
  • inherited mementos
  • Instruments
  • Crafting Materials

5' x 10'
With its roughly 50 square feet of size, a 5x10 is a very practical unit for a wide range of applications. This container is ideal for storing everything from lawn equipment to seasonal décor, akin to a walk-in closet. Kids coming home from university? Are you sick of the treadmill in the den being unused? The 5x10 is then just what you require.

  • Christmas Tree Décor
  • Equipment for Lawn Care
  • Extra Furniture
  • Summer and Pool Equipment
  • Equipment for Camping
  • Big Appliances

10' x 30'
The 10x30 unit, with its about 300 square feet, is ideal for small business startup assistance. The 10x30 is the best size for storing tools for mechanics, home builders, lawn care companies, or event planners. It will help your business grow and succeed. Additionally, this unit is excellent for storing bulky items like small campers and boats.

  • Items in a home with five bedrooms
  • Big trailer and garden tools
  • Car plus substantial garage apparatus
  • Supplies for doing home repairs